Samantha Babington

Life Coach and Author

Work with Samantha

As a Life and Happiness Coach I work mostly with women who find themselves stuck in a rut and struggling to find purpose and direction in their lives.

When you hire me as your coach, I will help you map out an exciting future to reconnect you with your dreams and save you valuable time by eliminating fear and procrastination from your life so you can take immediate action to make those dreams a reality.

As a result of working with me you can expect to gain enhanced levels of confidence and significant improvements in your levels of happiness and fulfillment as you become the best version of yourself and start to live a life you truly love.

These are just some of the specific outcomes you can expect to achieve if we work together:

  • Become

    completely clear on what it is that is really important to you and what it is that will truly make you happy

  • Know

    exactly what areas you need to focus on to instantly ‘ignite’ your life with passion, purpose and direction

  • Set

    some exciting goals that will get you leaping out of bed in the morning

  • Create

    a personalised Masterplan to make this happen

  • Acquire

    powerful techniques to instantly create resourceful states, such as confidence and motivation that will propel you towards the life of your dreams and have you leapfrogging over any obstacles

  • Gain

    support and accountability to keep you laser focused on achieving your goals

Coaching Packages available

Platinum Programmes

These programmes provide 1:1 coaching both face to face and over the phone/skype. Having this personal support from an experienced coach ensures you take the fastest possible route to creating a life you love.

There is the option of either a 3 month or a 6 month coaching programme.

Each of these programmes includes:

An hour long face-to-face goal setting session

Two one hour coaching calls or four half hour coaching calls per month

Unlimited email contact with Samantha for the duration of the programme

Instant Confidence VIP Day

Spend a half day (morning or afternoon) with Samantha and get her undivided attention. Attending a VIP day is the best way to make instant improvements to your life that you can implement from the get go.

This VIP programme is ideal for those who have specific issues around confidence, assertiveness and motivation or need a confidence boost for a particular event coming up such as an interview, presentation or romantic date.

At the end of the morning or afternoon you will have at your fingertips the tools to:

Create a state of instant confidence whenever you need it

Control your nerves in any situation and remain clear, calm and collected

Be highly assertive whoever you are dealing with

Experience soaring self-belief and high levels of self-love

Feel excited and highly motivated about taking actions you might have previously been putting off

End fear and procrastination for good so you can start moving towards the life of your dreams

This programme also includes an hour long follow-up call or skype session which needs to be taken within 1 month of your VIP day. This will ensure that you have the necessary support to keep the momentum going following the event.

Ready to find out more?

If you would like to know more about working with Samantha or would like a 20 minute complimentary ‘getting to know you’ session, please contact us at