Samantha Babington

Life Coach and Author

Spring Clean your life in three simple steps!

Are you struggling to find that spring in your step, even though May is just around the corner?

After the dullest winter on record, a pretty dismal March and bitterly cold April, it’s no wonder that many of us are still trying to dust off those winter cobwebs!

If this sounds like you, here are three simple ways to finally entice you out of hibernation and help you officially welcome in the new season…..

Spring Clean step 1: Declutter your life

Start by clearing away physical clutter.  The truth is, when you clear away unwanted physicalitems, you make space in your life for new and better things to come along.

A good place to start is to throw out any clothes you haven’t worn for a year.  Then, let go of any other clutter that clogs up your home.  Finally, delete those old numbers clogging up your phone and any emails that are more than a year old.

If you find yourself resisting this process, think about why you are holding onto things that you know no longer serve you.  What do they unconsciously represent that you don’t want to let go of?

When you start the process of decluttering and finally let go, you will immediately feel more energised as your life begins to become more organised and streamlined.

Spring Clean Step 2: Declutter your mind

Every day we are bombarded with all sorts of negative mind chatter. However, it is possible to quieten that critical inner voice simply by taking time to focus on and appreciate the present moment.

Try spending a few minutes a day just focusing on your breathing in order to reduce stress and increase your levels of happiness and well-being.

Next, make a conscious choice to focus your attention on the positives in your life, such as your achievements and what you are grateful for.  Make this a habit by writing these things down in a daily journal.

Finally, focus your energy on solutions rather than problems.  Start by reframing the questions you ask so, instead of asking ‘Why is this happening to me?’ ask yourself ‘What can I do to change this?

Spring Clean Step 3: Detox your social circle

They say we are a product of the people we spend most time with.  Negative people can drain you of energy and undermine your self-esteem.  Are there people in your life who demand too much of you, take you for granted and who constantly complain?  If so, release those toxic ties and surround yourself instead with people who you know have your back, respect your boundaries and encourage you to shine.

Here’s to a new wardrobe, new friends, new perspective and a brand new you!