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Five reasons why you should hire a Life Coach in London today.

The magic of hiring a Life Coach in London

This week I celebrated 10 years of being a Life Coach in London.

This prompted me to evaluate the amazing journey I have been on over the past 10 years and I started thinking about all the people whose lives I have helped transform.

When people hear the phrase life coach, they mostly think in terms of help with setting goals. Yet what life coaching offers is so much more.

So, it got me thinking. “What it is about life coaching that is so magical?” and “why are so many people now turning to life coaches in London to help them to improve their lives?”

And here are the answers I found:

1. A Life coach can literally help make your dreams comes true.

Coaching is not just about setting goals and taking action. It is about creating a sense of excitement.

Helping our clients get back in touch with their dreams is truly magical.

We all have hopes and dreams as a child yet, as we get older, life often gets in the way and we give up on what we truly desire in order to pursue a life we feel we ought to live.

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We then find ourselves bogged down with responsibilities and often end up focusing on what other people want us to do, rather than what it is that we ourselves truly desire. This leads us into the habit of just making do and then creating excuses for not making the necessary changes that will truly enhance our lives.

A life coach helps you to dare to dream again by getting you back in touch with what is truly important to you and what will make you, and not just other people, happy.

2. A Life Coach will help you regain your self-belief

Seeing a client get back in touch with their best self is also magical.

We were all born confident and with unlimited self-belief. However, over the course of our lives we pick up limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our full potential. In the process, we not only lose touch with our dreams but also our belief in our own abilities.

A life coach will help you regain your self-belief and inner confidence.

3. A Life Coach will help you get back up when you stumble

Once we have reclaimed our dreams and our belief in our abilities to achieve those dreams, life can still get in the way in the form of set-backs. We are all familiar with the feelings of dejection when things don’t go our way and even rock solid self-belief can get dented when this happens.

A life coach will give you the tools to allow you to overcome any obstacle that might get in your way and keep you focused on your dream, even when the going gets tough.

4. A Life Coach will make you accountable

Now, this might not in itself sound particularly magical. However, it is this point above all else that sums up the magic of life coaching. Whatever goals you have set and however excited you might feel about them, life will always present you with excuses to put off taking the necessary actions. Excuses lead to procrastination that can then become a habit. Knowing that you are accountable not only to yourself but also to the coach you are seeing every week or fortnight is invaluable in getting you to take action and be at your most productive.

5. A Life coach will ensure you keep up the momentum once you set sail towards the life of your dreams.

Sometimes this needs to be through tough love, but I haven’t yet come across a client that didn’t thank me for it later.

Your life is certainly waiting for you right now and if you want to get to create the life of your dreams there is no quicker, more effective, and of course magical, way to make that happen than getting yourself a life coach.

Your life dream life is waiting for you. So, what are you waiting for?

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To your happiness, confidence and success…

Samantha x

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